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Free Personal Statement Examples
(06/09/2006, 09:34 AM)Guest Wrote: does anyone know where to find a GOOD actuary based personal statement?

Generally it's difficult to find a personal statement for a specialised subject. I strongly recommend that you look at Mathematics personal statements on Studential and adapt one. Mine is linked below:

I'm quite pleased with it, as you may imagine.
I tried to return to the same uni, but did not give a very difficult time. So I decided not to return, nursing AMI application again through UCAS, and IAM do not know if I should say in my personal statement and academic life had experince
I know how to do. Thanks for your sharing!
Thanks for your sharing! It is very good and useful.
Great post and useful information !thank you for sharing !
A few weeks hopefully. We've had some issues with our database server which meant registrations had to be suspended a couple of months ago while the site moved.
when this site will be established if we can send our personal statements? I certainly want to set up mines
A few weeks hopefully. We had some problems with our database server, which meant that records had been suspended a couple of months ago, when the site was moved.
The summer holidays are fast approaching, so if you're looking to make a head start on your UCAS personal statement for the 2017-18 application cycle, take a look at our vast library of personal statement examples:

Please remember not to plagiarise whole sentecnes, paragraphs or phrases, otherwise UCAS could reject your application.

If you have any questions about writing your personal statement, please post them iin the forum below!

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