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Free Personal Statement Examples
can any one help in aerospace engineering ps
does anyone have actuary based ps??
Does anyone know where i can see an example International Relations PS?
anyone know where i can find a history of art personal statement?
Anyone know where I can find a Veterinary Personal Statement???
There's drama, there's media... but does anyone know where to find a good example of a FILM personal statement?
hi could any one help me in doing my personal statement... iv selected to do osteopathy and im finding it difficult writing out a statement for that ...
hi there, Iam Sarah-Jane age 22 years old. I really need some help. In 2006 i started university studying nursing, i completed my 1st year and passed. Went onto ma 2nd year but didnt not completed it due to some problems with i has having with one of the teachers. As a result i ended up in hospital, due to this i took some time off uni. I tried to go back to the same uni but was given a very hard time. So i decided not to go back, iam applying for nursing again through UCAS, and iam not sure if i should state in my personal statment that i have already had experinces university life, in relation to nursing. If anyone can put my mind at rest plz can u leave a messages, iam not sure what to do.
I'd mention any experience you've had as a nurse as it'll seem inconsistent if you conveniently skip out the couple of years you spent doing your degree. I'd mention how it's improved your knowledge of the course and how that knowledge will be applied to the new course. Be prepared to be questioned about the decision made though.

This isn't personal experience obviously, but I know I'd do it if I was in your shoes.

As for the rest of you - STOP LOOKING FOR EXACT MATCHES! You'll spend ridiculous amounts of time looking for that perfect personal statement to adapt and it just won't happen. I've applied through UCAS and just received my offers back and wasn't rejected.

Although that doesn't make me the definitive authority on personal statements - let me tell you this. Look for personal statements that are similar to the ones you need. I actually adapted an economics personal statement as I found it was far more effective than the mathematics ones.

It's on Studential in the following link:

It may not be perfect, but I'm confident enough to believe it will help people get started. I'm not expecting a perfect rating, but it'll put your minds at rest hopefully - which is what I'm after.

Good luck writing!

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