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Journalism Interview

ok ivgot an interview for Edge Hill Uni on the 20th for journalism and I'm abit worried on the kind of questions that I will be asked. Anyone have any ideas? or anything that I should know about the uni or the course beforehand?
and how long do the interviews last for?


sorry another question but how many interviewers will there be? just read another thread and got scared by what i saw lol. are interviews really hard? and are the questions hard? I dont want to be sat there stuttering and asking them what do they mean lol
Hi i am going to the same journalism interview at Edge Hill - 20th Feb right? Got to be there at 10am!!! Can't believe it, i live in Cumbria so am going to have to get up at ridiculous hour to travel there! Im concerned about what to wear thinking casual black pants and pumps might be ok but just hope i dont look like an idiot! Also am a bit worried about completing the NCTJ test - i know its National Council for the Training of Journalists but worried about what they might ask us to do!

Sorry more questions rather than answers but i do know that Edge Hill is supposed to be a friendly place!
Oh and another thing it said on the letter that it will prob last 3 and a half hours! So i did answer a question of urs lol!
yeah ive gotta be there at 10am too! haha ill see u there. I live in the isle of man so ive gotta get up at a stupid time just to catch a flight
damn i totally forgot about the test...omg what do u think it'll be on? 3.5 hours aint bad means i can go shopping in liverpool lol
is edge hill ur first choice?
oh p.s
im just wearing black trousers and pumps..not sure what top to wear we have to know anything for the interview?

Well i changed my mind on wot 2 wear now! now its black pumps tights and shorts and just a jumper or sumthin i think aslong as we dont wear jeans it should be ok! ill change my mind a million times on wot 2 wear tho its just the not knowing!
Edge hill will be my second choice if they offer me a place, cos u.c.l.a.n (preston) is my 1st choice theyve already given me an offer for if i get ABC. dont know about that test but it cant be 2 hard cos they no we havent done journalism before! how long will it take u 2 get there on tues? and wot number choice is edge hill 4 u?
god as long as the test isnt like maths or anything...oh what can they ask us lol?
hmm..dont know what it would be john moores and sheffield hallam are my first choices coz ive already got offers from there but then i might change my mind when i go there lol
havent got a clue how long it will flying into liverpool at 8 (which means i jave to get up at like 5!!!) so im gonna have to make a mad dash to get there on time lol
do we get individual interviews? god im scarred about that bit im just gonna be sat there in silence the whole time haha
i applied 4 sheffield dont no if it was hallam but they didint giv me an offer Sad i also applied 4 liverpool jonh moores but i didnt do that stupid writing task they asked me 2 do cos i had exams then was ill so dont think theyre gonna b offering me a place! im guessin the test will be bout writing like just to asses our writitng skills or sumthing, r u bringing any evidence of work? i dont have any apart from english coursework! yaeh we get a one on one interview i think i think that will be wen they decide they dont want me cos ill jus babble or do sumthin embarrasin lyk fall off the chair or sumthin! yeah spose its ok its quite early time 4 shopping! r u coming on ur own? my mums takin me dunno if that a gud/bad thing!
hey hey
i applied for hallam and john moores aswell..sorry about not getting it. Im bringing my mum for moral support. God so nervous now about the interview.
Im bringing some articles that i wrote in my local paper but if u dont have any they cant hold it against u.
ive gotta get the train up there aswell after my flight so i have no idea if i even will get there on time....ah its so scary!!

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