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Journalism Interview
These are very general tips which apply differently to different situations. Use your judgment to decide when and how to use them.

Dress appropriately, or at least dress with a purpose. Your appearance will influence the way interviewees respond to you.

Try to be unique, so it's not just another interview rehashing the same questions the subject has answered many times before. Don't push this too far though — if you try to be cute or disarming it may backfire.

Be honest. Sometimes it's tempting to lie or omit important information when securing an interview. This isn't just unethical, it will damage your career in the long run.

Don't have an attitude if you want a quality interview. A confrontational approach is less likely to get good information.

Stay neutral. Try not to ooze bias. Don't appear to be persuaded by the subject's opinions. Don't judge or directly criticise the subject.

Don't interrupt. This can upset the subject's train of thought.

Minimize your own vocals (in video and audio interviews). Ask questions clearly and succinctly, then let the person speak without any more words from you. Learn to react silently as the subject talks — rather than saying things like "uh-huh, right, I see", use nods and facial expressions.

Don't over-direct. Try not to give the subject too many instructions or be too specific about what you want them to say. In most cases it's better to let them speak freely.
According to my point of view, I think that Journalist need good written communication skills to produce quality copy, Good journalism interview techniques are designed to provide more than just information, they should help develop a story with personality and insight into the events in question.
oh p.s
im just wearing black trousers and pumps..not sure what top to wear we have to know anything for the interview?
Like many broader ethical system, including journalistic ethics "principle, limit the damage. " which often involves such things as the names of minor children, some of the details, from the report concealed the names of victims of crime or who have no major special Reports, which may, for example, damage to the reputation of others publish information.

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