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Hii, i am having problems with starting my personal statement for CriminologySad i have no idea what t include in it and i was thinking wether to put down the fact that i recently went to the magistrate court? Not sure wether if its relevant? If ne1 can help me with my PS for Criminology or give me sum tips that would be fab .......... x
Mention the magistrate's court - sounds relevant and useful to your degree. It's up to you to make it relevant though. The rest of this is a general response.

I think all personal statements are designed to give a flavour of who you are and why you wish to do your degree.

A good place to start is - they have plenty of personal statements for you to look at and get started. My one is contained in the link below:

I'd weight about 2/3 of your personal statement on your chosen degree and the other 1/3 on your personal life. You don't need to say every little thing you've done over the past decade or so - just make sure you cover the key ones.

The key ones should have the following characteristics:

- Degree Course Interests
- Time Management
- Organisational Skills
- Teamwork
- Communication

etc... You don't have to cover everything as I've said - just make sure it's clear to admission officers that you'd be a good undergraduate and that you're passionate about your course. The rest of your ideas should come from other personal statements.

I wish you the best of luck and remember - the earlier you start the better! You can always fix it up at a later date.

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