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interveiw for biomedical
i just wanted to ask you guys who had an interveiw for biomed..that wat type of Qs did the interviewer asked you guyz....plz help
I had a friend that had a interview for biomed.

It was generally asking why you want to do the course and what interested you in it. And if you've read anything about it.

Good luck
First of all they will ask you ..most common question of .

What is biomedical ?
What part of biomedical research interests you?
Why did you choose this field?
Why did you apply to this program?
1. a high level of ability and interest in science and computing
2. an interest in medicine and the development of new methods of patient care and treatment
3. to be able to concentrate for long periods, and have a high level of attention to detail
4. high ethical standards and the ability to take responsibility for decision making
5. an inquisitive mind and good problem solving skills to manage a team of research and development

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