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A Level Media Coursework...Help please!
Hello, My name's Laura 'n im completing my A Level media coursework and would be greatful if u could spare me afew minutes to help me out, thanks:

My eassy question is:

"To what extent has the fashion advertising industry changed in selling an image and creating ideologies since the recent "Size 0" model debate?"

I'd b grateful if you could leave any comments/ ur views on the size 0 modle debate or/and answer the following questions to help me with my studies:

1.How much influence do you think the fashion advertising industry has on people and their body image? (1 being the most - 4 being the least amount)
1 [   ]     2 [   ]     3 [    ]     4  [    ]

2. personally, do you think there was a need for the recent size 0 model debate?

3. Madrid fashion week hvae banned the use of models with a BMI of less than 18, do you think this should be put in to action in all aspects of the fashion advertising industry?

Feel free to leave any other comments reguarding my topic.

Thanks 4 your time

Laura x

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