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social work interviews
i have an interview at southampton on the 21st march and one at solent on the 27th march - they are 3 hours long (include a presentation, group thing and written part too)

i am a 'mature' student so any advice will be very welcome!
they will probably ask you about anti oppessive and anti discrimination practice what u think about it, your experience both paid and voluntary and always ask what you will bring to social work profession once you have qualified.a send you all the best of luck
hie again.go into yahoo and type in social work interviews.i have just been checking some good advice.
I never never been sent one of them when I asked social work in the past, so it may be specific to the university you are looking for. I would take it as a good sign because it means they think you have potential they would like to know more about you.
I agre if they ask more means they wants to know about your potential and its good to go
It may be your first interview after graduating along with your BSW or MSW or it may be one of plenty of career changes you will be making.
Its mission is to assist individuals with disabilities over come barriers to employment, independence, and community life.
If you are going for any of the interview then you have the basic knowledge of your related fields as well as you have the knowledge about the current affairs so its very beneficial for you.
This is really knowledgeable information yo share our thought about social work interview. If you are interested in this field and you are going for the interview so prefer all subject related to it and have some general knowledge about current affairs.

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