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Taking a new Subject!
Hi all,

Could somebody please tell me whether it is possible for me to take a subject at degree level which I have never done before. I'd like to do Economics with Finance, however, I have not done economics ever before..

..would this be of any disadvantage to me ion getting at place for the course at any university???

thnk u in advance...
This shouldn't be a problem, as plenty of schools and sixth forms don't offer some of the more obscure subjects like economics, psychology or computer science.

You will need to show you already know something about the subject and that you want to study it so read a few books and things (the economist would probably be a good bet) and try and get some (loosely) related work experiance.

This will not only show you have some prior knowledge and understanding of the subject, but also convince yourself it is what you want to do for the next three years.
Most places should be fine as long as you've done sort of relevant subjects at A-Level, got the grades, and are sure that this is what you want to do.
We will be interested the subject thus we will be choose d this subject and take a new it because we will be best learn in this new subject and made a best future in it. We will be get a best master in this subject thus we will not choose d without interest subject.

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