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university choice
Hello everyone.So...i`m about to make a big choice in my life - college.. I`m writing with the intention to get some more info.
which corresponds to my requirements for college.Well,I know it might sound a big insignificant at first but really
I`m looking for an uni wich is located somewhere with a warm,even hot climate as I cannot physically bare cold temperatures
under 15 degrees or sth Sad this narrows the choice and I will be very greatful if you could suggest some options according to that
crucial criteria Sad p.s. i am an international student and so i`m looking for a place with an english program and a scholarship opportunity
First of all you can fix that in which stream you want making your future. If you want to make your future with engineering then you can select any best engineering university and then you can confirm admission. Before getting admission you can check that recognition of that university, providing extra facility by university etc.
That is very good question for the student. I really glad with this question as my opinion is that After completed 10th you have to think about which stream you want making for your future.If you want to make a doctor then you have to search good university related to it on internet.
If you live in a house you have the University, the development and transport sectors need to work out the most comfortable position. Second, etc., than a university and will more easily find

Other points that determine where you might in the context of a particular academic studies are interested in the study. There is no doubt that despite the holding of the person or the person did not end her studies during a long holiday or a full-time study will not do that.

I would say your choice of university should be the first and most convenient. This is a period of not less than three years. For a long time if things are difficult and less if things run even smoother.
The weather is not the same at all times, some times it is winter and other times it is summer. You can not get a university where it is summer all the time. May be if you try Africa
I hope you get into the uni you want

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