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Southampton 6yr interview!!
heya! ive got an interview at southampton tomorrow for the 6yr course and was wondering if people had any tips on what to wear, what sort of questions/scenarios are asked etc?!
im so nervous lol!!
heys thats the medicine 6yr course i was talkin bout lol btw!
Wear a suit. Be neat. Old fashioned as it may sound, it shows you are serious!
Wow.. I suppose it is medicine so it makes sense.. but 6 years is a long time.
(22/10/2008, 12:01 PM)markk Wrote: But 6 years is a long time.

Yes, I also think the same thing. Six year its not that much short periods. And the another thing is that if you really want to go there than you should go in formal dresses.
That course announced by Southampton is to much long in period .
I think you will concern to any other institute to get nursing course.

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