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Primary Education
There is nothing that is more important in a child's life or a student's life than education. A good education is just not a ticket to a good career but education teaches you how to be well behaved mannerisms gives you knowledge and shapes you to grow to be a good human being.
Primary education forms the basis on which a child builds a career. Many young kids dream about being an astronaut or a emulating their idols when they grow up but none of your dreams will come true if you do not have a good education.
Primary education is the first stage of compulsory education. It is preceded by pre-school or nursery education and is followed by secondary education. In North America this stage of education is usually known as elementary education and is generally followed by middle school.Primary Education, also called elementary education, is for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. Primary Education provides students with a basic understanding of various subjects as well as skills they will use throughout their lives.
Primary education is the first stage of compulsory education. This is a pre-school or nursery education, and followed by secondary education. In North America this phase of training is generally known as primary education and is usually followed by the Middle School.
i have an interview for primary education on 18th march aswel, is yours at Roehampton??? if it is then i may see you there!
Primary education is the first phase of compulsory education. The pre-school or nursery education before and after secondary education education.Primary foundation on which to develop and build on every citizen of the country as a whole. An important objective of education systems in the country with a very fast rate is increasing each and every Indian to create a literate and cultured man.
hey guys i have an interview at roehampton in a few days can anyone pleasee give me tips on what comes up on the english test and the interview...please tell me in details Smile
For overseas students visiting UK for higher studies is it easy to find housing in hostels or for that matter rooms on rent. Has anyone got an idea on this?
Hey guys, When did you submit your ucas applications? I received an email from Roehampton on Friday confirming that they received my application and I really want to know how long I'll have to wait to get an interview, I have applied to St Mary's and Kingston as well.

Also is anyone hoping to get a place through an access course? or is anyone doing primary teaching and got there uni place through the access course? Just asking as I wanted to know what grade you have to get in the access course to get a uni place.

Rebecca Toungue
Hey ! I have no reply to your question but i've applied for roehampton, St Marys and kingston as well ! They recieved my ucas on the 26th novemeber and i didnt hear back til around the 14th of december from Roehampton and have only just heard back from kingston but still no reply yet for St Marys. Have you had any replies yet ? x

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