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dental hygiene and therapy personal statement
As a dental hygiene and therapist you can treat a patient soon after diagnosis rather than passing them along a chain of other people.  This I find very pleasing as the patient does not have to wait months for a treatment as this is the case in many other careers. Since about year 6 I wanted to work a caring profession. In secondary school I really enjoyed Human Biology. I have been inspired by my own dentist and I have been lucky enough to witness the close relationships he creates with his patients. Also I can say that from a young age dentistry was appealing as it is mentally challenging and as well as a ‘hands-on’ profession. I enjoy to be in situations that are different as well as challenging. In my opinion I feel that this course can be an expanding sector which can provide various opportunities for further study.
My decision to study dental hygiene and therapy was reinforced by my work experience at a Mydentist practice in Halifax, here I observed many complex procedures with both a dentist and a hygienist. I witnessed a wide range of treatments such as crowning, tooth extraction, fillings also cosmetic procedure “Airflow” etc. This experience revealed a different side of dentistry and therapy it made me realise this career can be multi-faceted. To achieve success it is often dependent on the dentist and patient interactions and mutual understanding between both parties.
My choice of A level subjects stemmed from my interest in science as a results of this I chose to do Biology, Psychology and Chemistry. I have always enjoyed the rewards of education, and I would like to specialise in a course which combines my academic strengths and interests. Apart from academic achievements, I feel there are many other things I can bring to this course. I have always been a hands on person, and I find anything with practical work very pleasing. Good eye/ hand coordination and creativity is crucial in dental hygiene and therapy and I feel that I have the creativity and the good eye/ hand coordination needed. I will demonstrates this at your university.
Working as a shop assistant I have to deal with customers’ different needs, for example customers who are always feeling agitated. From this experience I have had to handle many Challenging situations and I have been able to accommodate my costumers. I am very grateful of the experience and knowledge I have gained whilst in this job. After completing the National Citizen Service (NCS) program I was lucky enough to go back as an associate mentor to develop on my communication skill and how to tackle situation with different people. I helped them adjust to a new environment as some were not able to speak English fluently. I am currently an Ambassador for NCS and I have helped promote NCS to the public.  Working with many young people made me more confident and is determined to complete tasks for example designing and pitching a presentation. I challenge myself to get the most out of every opportunity that comes my way, for example, I am completing my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh which challenges me physically and also mentally as I am using skills that require a lot of careful thinking for example reading a map. My team work skills under pressure were also developed during my D of E expedition when we got lost, however working as a team and following each other’s advice we were able to overcome this difficulty.
As a very practical person so I also consider myself as being sporty as I have been part of school sports teams throughout of my life, I was part of the Football and Hockey team in Primary School and I have also been part of the Badminton and Netball team in Secondary School. My hobbies are playing any kind of sports which involves working in teams and this also shows that I am able to work in teams. I also love listening to different types of music from different backgrounds this is because music is one thing that helps me relax. Finally some career aspirations that I have are that I would like to consider doing are further degree and graduate as a Dental hygienist and therapist who specialises in a certain area for example Orthodontics or  Prosthodontics because these careers  seem especially satisfying.
I feel that with my abilities and skills, I will make a unique contribution to your University. With my future aspirations I will thrive on new and exciting challenges – I am now fully equipped and ready for those challenges as an undergraduate at your university.

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