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John moores journalism interview!!!!
Hi guys, I have a interview at Liverpool, John moores on the 16th feb, and I'm literally freaking out! I need help! Does anyone else have this interview? I have to get up in front of 20 other candidates and basically sell myself and I'm not he best public speaker lol. Someone please let me know if they are in the same boat as me! This interview sounds demented! Please help!!!
Hello there, I have an interview at john moores on the 15th Feb. I will let you know how it goes, Im nervous to but I don't mind speaking infront of people, it's the little group and indivdual tasks which I'm nervous about. Have you prepared?
Well i have prepared as much as I can. It says on the letter that we have to introduce ourselves and talk about why we want to study journalism and why journalism is important. So I have tried to prepare a little speech, nothing major but i'm 100% sure I won't remember it when the time comes. I'm really not looking forward to this interview. You will have to tell me exactly what goes down to put my mind at ease.
Let me know.. Thanks Smile ohh and good luck
Yeah I have been trying to prepare but it's hard as there is so much they can ask you. I have had a meeting with my teacher at school and they went through everything with me to make my speech sound good so I'm working on that. I was thinking I might take little cards with prompts on so I remember all the important points. No im really not looking forward to it either and especially since I haven't done English at A Level but did well at GCSE so hopefully that is enough. How you getting to the university? Yeah i will tell you exactly what happens, thanks, you too. Smile
yeah i had a mock interview but it's not really the same as standing up in front of 20 other people who all want a place at that uni. It's going to be tense!! My mum and dads driving me through. I'm far to scared to go by myself lol. I have'nt done A-Levels. Im currently doing an access course in English and Sociology. Only started in September so it's all go go go. So you must be in sixth form? Is John moores your first choice? It was mine, until i realised we had to go thorugh this interview. I'm absolutley petrified, lol i need to get over though, its not long now.
Yeah my teacher is going to have a mock interview with me sometime this week and im reading all the news to get prepared. Yeah it's going to be tense interview and its such a long day as well. In a way im excited about it but dont feel like I have enough experience for journalism. One week today I will be nearly in Liverpool, im scared like. Im travelling from Newcastle so I have to get the train really early to get there on time. I don't have a clue what is my first choice, I applied for Sunderland so that might be my first choice but I went to liverpool for my 18th and loved it so depends how the interview goes depends if it will be my first choice. Smile
Hi! I have one on the 15th on Tuesday as well Smile soooooo scared! Have you guys got some journo experience? Im nervous and worried that i havent done enough to get on the course!
Hello Smile yeah mine is on the 15th as well, where you travelling from? I dont have much compared to what people might have. Ive just started recently writing an online blog and a monthly newsletter for an volunteering organisation so that's all I really done. Have you thought about your opening 2 min speech at the beginning?
I did work experience at my local paper and have a good few articles published with a by line. What are you guys planning on saying in the 2 minute speech? Do we just have to say our name, where we are from, why we want to study journalism and why it's important? Is there a wrong answer when doing this speech? Lol I will probably talk utter crap for 2 minutes. Let's hope not

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