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Creative Writing personal Statement
Hello, i'm an italian girl tryng to get in a Creative Writing course in some university.
Tomorrow there is the deadline, and i'm obviously panicking. No matter how many chamomille i take, i'm more and more nervous.
So, please, i would like if someone could kindly give me an opinion about my PS.
I'm really trying my best.

What do you want to do when you grow up?
It is the routine question asked to every child, which remains in the background for all the years of schooling.
You spend your teen life knowing exactly what you are going to do after the summer holidays and at the most you have some abstract dream in an undetermined future. But as time passes, the question becomes increasingly significant
Most youngster get lost trying to unravel the tangle of different interests, knowledge and skills, hoping to find the right thread of Ariadne. But among the mass of confused teens in panic, there are those who know what to do, driven by passion.
I am one of them.
The power of words has always enchanted me. Since the very beginning of my school life, as I learned that putting words together gave birth to a sentence, when asked I began to say that I would be a writer. I never had any hesitation or doubt. The real problem, that appeared in its full capacity in the last flash of my adolescence, was how.
In Italian Universities the subjects that struck my interest were all scattered in different studies and, living in a society that always seeks younger and more creative workers, losing five years in studies that I would not enjoy did not attract me at all.
Furthermore I've always wanted to study abroad and, after taking into account a gap year to do volunteer in Perù, I accidentally found the perfect major. Creative writing, I could not believe it. It simply had everything I was looking for. Since then, in November 2010, I started to do everything I could to achieve this dream. At the moment I am studying hard to get a good results in IELTS exam, which I’m going to take on February 17.
Obviously I love writing.
What I feel when I write is priceless. I love the sense of euphoria and the accelered hearthbeat that come with the the counsciousness of creations. You can feel it moving under your skin like an electric shock. At the beginning I wrote mostly for my selfish plasure and as time passed my room became more and more similar to a warehouse, full of folders, papers and projects accumulated everywhere. I love to explore and writing takes on different flavours in everyone of its many variations.
I ventured into scriptwriting, both in comics and films, and into composing lyrics in English for the music bands of the neighbourhood. Only later, when i was already in my sixteen, I decided to post something on internet, achieving a surprising good success with friends and web user under the nickname of WrongWay. Then, out of curiosity and personal challenge, I took parts also in some competitions never dropping below fourth place. One of my shortest novel was also published in two volumes, one at regional level, the other at national level.
Why should I be accepted?
Honestly, I do know I have the potential. Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to brag, I am a disaster on virtually every other front. Mathematics, physics, not for me. And also Greek and Latin to be translated correctly need an iron logic that I do not have. I have an artistic and iperactive mind not really suited for my course of study.
I'm proud of my mental skillS the most part of the time but trust me, after five years of study, hearing your teacher say about your sweated version :“ You really did not get it, but your fantasy is amazing" it is a bit disappointing.
Anyway i think that if you have a particular vocation you should persist on your way, no matter what.
And here we are. All I can assure is my commitment, my passion and my enthusiasm for the chance to learn and improve professionally, because I know what I want to be.

I had to cut a lot of parts and to rewrite others.
I'm not even too sure about the grammar of renewed part.
So, please, help me if you can Smile

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