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personal statements
This is my personal statement to apply for the social work degree, was just hoping to get some feedback before I send it just to know how it sounds or what changes need to be made to make it sound better.

I am currently studying my HNC Social Care at James Watt College and feel undertaking this course would be the next step I need to further my career and prospects in the field of Social Work.

I have had the opportunity to have support from Social work in my own life as my own daughter has autiusm and learning difficulties. I thought before this support came along that I had nowhere to turn to and after seeing the changes and choices it has given our family I would like the opportunity to make a difference to other families by giving them empowerment like I have had to make choices where they can better the current situation they may find themselves in.

Currently I am employed as a Youth Worker in the Greenock area and have had the opportunity to work with children who themselves sometimes just need somebody to know is there that they can get advice and support from and feel by going into the field of Social Work I can build on these skills that I find myself using.

In my college placement I am currently based in an Independent School for children who for various reasons at present are not in a position to have the opportunity to attend mainstream school. I feel in this placement I am utilising some of the key skills already learned in my HNC Social Care such as the Core Values of Social Work in terms of giving the children choices, privacy, respecting their dignity and confidentiality.

I am very passionate about supporting others and have been able to have the opportunity over the last 5 months to befriend a disabled gentleman and by just knowing that I am making just a small difference to his life gives me such a sense of reward that words could never explain and Social Work would give me this on a daily basis and that is why I feel this is definately where my career path lies.

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