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Help Me Please ! International Business Personal Statement.
[b]Hi everyone ! I'm french and I need help for my personal statement... I would like to study International Business.
Thanks for your advices Big Grin ♥
Of course there are a lot of mistakes but I'll give ot to my English teacher before send it. Big Grin

My PS :

Since the Second World War, the international relations evolved and today, business is essentially made in an international way. With the globalization, study the business alone is not advantageous anymore because companies look for more and more international profits.
Since my early age, I’ve always been mixed with business and the connexion with money. I grew up in a family where some members have been bankers. Furthermore, my parents funded their own company and they are still working in it, in the retail trade. It’s my turn to prove my abilities in this field. That’s why I want to study Business in your university.
International Business is a domain which corresponding to me. First, because I write and speak three languages: French, English and Spanish, that I’ve learned for many years (except French which is my mother tongue). My intellectual curiosity bringing me to discover new cultures, I would like to learn Chinese next year, noticing the fast development of China for thirty years, it is a good opportunity to acquire a more international profit. Second, because I’ve studied economics and sociology for three years and I find it not wearying: this is how the countries go well and develop them. I am always urging to learn more, to understand how our modern societies work, that’s why I usually read economic newspapers, to inform me about the current state of the economy. I don’t regret my choice which consisted of choosing economy as a specialty for my two last years of High School.
My extended coursework project last year was about the E-Commerce and the on-line sale websites. Each year, the rate of persons buying on Internet does not stop increasing, that’s why my group and I have chosen to work about that, around a main question: “Do buying on Internet change our way of purchase?” We met persons in charge of various websites in order to see our project through. It was an enriching work for the reason that today, a lot of companies sell their produces on Internet.
I think I have the qualities required to work in International Business. My hobbies have permitted me to get them. Sailing has given me the sense of responsibilities, the ability of adapting me to various situations (like technical or meteorological problems), and to work with a team, sharing the job. Music has equipped me to be ease in front of people, to produce me in public, and how to manage my stress. I believe this aptitude is vital in commercial careers because we have to sell produces. We have to speak in front of potential buyers and convince them. I made eurhythmics during more than ten years. I participated in numerous championships, until the national level, solo or in group. This experience has forged me a spirit of competition, necessities in the world of work.
Also I have a common sense of the diplomacy, I like going towards people and I’m convinced that in all domains it is important to maintain good relations with people. That’s why I often work with my parents in their business, on the markets where they sell foodstuffs. It is a difficult job, but I like it principally because we are close to people, and advise them in their choices.
I am motivated to study Business in your university because the program corresponds to my expectations. Studying in England is a good opening to prepare myself for an international business career.

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