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need help with my first draft 'INTERIOR DESIGN' statement
I want to study the full degree of interior design and continuing my higher education at this degree which can help me to enter the professional world of interior designers.
Art and design is very interesting, I enjoy every session, all the different tasks and the variety of the materials I can experience. I learn new skills every day and they all open a new window to my life. This course has given me the chance to use charcoal, watercolour and acrylic paint. I felt quite confident with the colour project which I learned about primary colours and their complementary by working with different colour tissue papers and making different layers to get the secondary colour and using watercolour. From this experience I found out that i was very interested in design and enjoyed using colours and working with materials. I find interior design very suitable with my personality and my abilities.
Education is very important to me and i want to take benefits of every second that i am given. I always ettend my classes half an hour before as i do not want to be late for any of my clases. I like to organise my time to meet the deadlines. I spend a lot of time doing my assignments and research in the library.
I have a good taste of decorating things especially furniture at my house
In my spare time I enjoy watching alot of films and story books from different backgrounds. This can help me to see the kind of problems families will face and i can use this for my life to never make mistakes. I also like reading poetry books and i have tried to write some with my own opinions. I had one of my poems published in the young writer’s magazine and i had a certificate from it.
I use all my free times to gain different skills. Last summer i joind a summer school for beauty level1, which i never had experience before and i really enjoyed it.
I can take responsibilities for my self and i was prefect at my school when i was in year 11. I had the chance to learn about how staff organise the school for open days and parents evening.
I am looking forward to study my higher education at university. University can be a great experience for me to gain lots of new information and skills and also become professional in my individual way of designing.
Just a couple quick things, I haven't finished mine yet so I'm not the best person to critique yours, I'm sure someone else can help.

In the line where you say " I felt quite confident with the colour project" I'd take out "quite" and just say you felt confident. Couple spelling mistakes too but just pop it into spellcheck and ask a friend to proof read it for you before you submit it.

Good luck x
ohh ok i take the work quiet. any1 can tell me any thing else to write????

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