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social work personal statement help!!
HI im 22 years old looking for advice and tips or criticism on my personal statement which i am finding really hard to write. Thanks.

Personal Statement
Social work has always been my chosen profession. A subject that I hold very strongly, and have a great deal of empathy for. I have always wanted to help children
and families, who are going through difficult periods in their lives. This stems from my own personal experiences throughout my childhood, and the problems my family encountered. Although I have no practical experience in working with families and children, I have an insight into social work. I always had a social worker throughout my childhood, mostly were excellent, and helped me a great deal. I was raised in a one parent family, along with my younger sister, by my mother who had manic depression, and an ***Filtered*** problem. This led to myself taking on the caring role for both my mother and sister when times were bad at home. Periods of our childhood were spent in foster homes. From a young age, my sister depended on me on emotionally. These experiences have made me a very caring, responsible, and reliable person today. This did effect my education, and I did not take my exams, but with encouragement, I managed to complete GCSE Health and Social Care, a subject that enjoyed, and I personally chose.
Since leaving School I became a single teenage parent, and have lived independently from the age of sixteen. My social worker really helped me at this point, giving me the guidance to become a good mother, and the skills to become a positive role model to my son. Being a mother has taught me great organisational skills. Also becoming a mother has made me open my eyes and become more socially aware of the society we live in and the problems we are facing today. With my positive attitude and eagerness to succeed and improve in my own life, I would like to reflect this into working with and helping children and families in our society.
I am currently doing an access course studying sociology, psychology, history, and health studies. The course is preparing me well for university life. I am learning how to get the balance right between family and study time. Improving my essay skills and my ability to work on my own initiative. Building my confidence and communication skills, working within teams. I am currently writing my first psychology essay on conformity. I am finding it very interesting, learning about the different research studies. I am actually enjoying getting back into the swing of education.
In my spare time I enjoy spending quality time with my son, and when I get the chance socialising with friends. I have the full support and encouragement of my immediate family. I enjoy swimming at least once a week, generally as it keeps me fit, but I also find it very stress relieving. I enjoy reading. I have a general interest in non-fiction book's. I have read the trilogy of books by the author Dave Pelzer. His first book 'A Child Called “it”' , is based on his very traumatic childhood. He goes onto write more books about how he overcame his childhood events, and became a very successful man. Having a great career helping children, and as an author, and having a happy personal life. l have also read some books by Cathy Glass, a foster carer charting the stories of children she cared for and their shocking stories, and how she managed to help them. I find these books compelling to read and very relevant to today's society as child abuse is less taboo now, and is more reported and talked about.
I am really looking forward to the challenge of university. In particular, the placements into social work settings, and actually getting to grips with what social work really entails. I understand fully that this profession can be very difficult, and that social workers are not very favourable amongst the public. But I believe that with my background, and my determination, I am enthusiastic enough to succeed on the course, and become a good and competent social worker.

very honest Smile i think you've done a really good job. could i suggest to you though, to maybe remove some of those earlier commas as they disturb the flow of the words. Good luckSmile
social work personal is so kind and hard,i love them
Reflect this by working with and helping children and families in our community.

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