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University interview questions
SmileLogging on and accessing the application form:

Access the UCAS Apply web page ( and select Student Login (2007 entry). You will be presented with a login page, but will not at this stage have either a username or password, so won't be able to log on to the system. To obtain a username and password you need to go through the registration process.
On the login page, click on register. Type in the buzzword for your college(normally available from either your Personal Tutor or Student Services)and enter your details as requested. During this process you will be prompted to enter a password. Make a note of this password. You are also required to enter a security question you would like to be asked and the answer (this is in case you forget your log in details). Once you have completed the registration process you will be provided with a username, which together with the password will enable you to log on to the application system and begin your form.
Remember that you won't have time to ask anywhere nearly all of these questions, so target the ones you feel will be most useful to you personally. Pick a dozen or so that get at what you most want to know.

Feel free to skip some -- even most -- of these questions or to substitute questions of your own -- as long as you don't come off sounding like you're there for a job interview.
Everyone should have an ideal, only the ideal of progress.we think we know how we learn best. We may have one or more preferences for learning something new and a different preference for refreshing knowledge and skills that need updating.

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