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Research on psychology of power! Help needed!!
Hi everyone,
I'm conducting an Internet research on psychology of power and I need at least 200
respondents. If you want to contribute, I'll be grateful for your
inestimable help.
All you do is just click on the link below and complete a short survey.
It takes no longer than 2 minutes and every completed survey is crucial for my dissertation! Thaaanks:*
Jobs in financial control and compliance functions often are compared to policing, since they involve the enforcement of rules, regulations and laws, both internal to the organization and imposed from without. Dealing with powerful people can be complicated and stressful, given that such people frequently expect to get away with a lot that even they would not tolerate in other people.

In the January 23, 2010 issue of The Economist ("The psychology of power: Absolutely") academic researchers have conducted a series of experiments designed to test attitudes among powerful people, and to compare their viewpoints to those of people who are not powerful. The principal findings of these experiments are:

* Power does tend to corrupt.
* With power comes a hypocritical tendency to hold others to higher standards of conduct than oneself.
* Powerful people tend to feel genuinely entitled to abuse the systems in which they live or work, hence their lack of sincere sorrow when caught or punished.

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