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Which University - Help!!
Hi, I was hoping that somebody would be able to help me, basically, I've been lucky enough to get 4 offers (still waiting on one) to study English Literature but I really can't decide where to go! I've been offered 3A's from Exeter, Cardiff and York and AAB for Birmingham. I'm still waiting on Durham but I've pretty much decided I don't want to go there. My insurance choice is decided for me, so thats fine, but I really can't decide on my first choice!

I've been back to each of them on post offer open days and from that ruled out York, so its down to Cardiff and Exeter. I think course wise, Exeter is the better choice, but I'm really really worried that I'll get bored there, I've heard theres not much to do and it is really small... I come from Cambridge so I'm used to the small city thing and I'm not sure whether I want to go to another! The main problem is the fact that Cardiff is prefect for that! I'm half welsh and my sister is already there so I know that student life there is amazing and I love Cardiff, but I don't know whether I'd be doing myself a disservice by going there course wise...

Also, I really want to go into journalism or publishing of some sort, possibly to do with fashion, so I'm interested in the creative writing aspect of both degrees and the idea of being able to do a module from journalism and media at Cardiff in year one, which I can't do at Exeter.

I think thats about everything, so any wisdom on the courses at both, career prospects and student life in particular would really REALLY help!

Thank you Smile
You are absolutely right that Cardiff is a very good place to join for studies. It seems that you have done your research work quite impressively. Now, the thing that I would like to add is that you won't find any problems over here. Moreover, it seems like you have rounded in on Cardiff and want to join here so, I would suggest you to proceed with that. When you are determined to move ahead, courses and the career prospects would not be a problem.
(09/03/2010, 07:50 AM)jwalter Wrote: You are absolutely right that Cardiff is a very good place to join for studies. It seems that you have done your research work quite impressively.

Hey I totally agree with you. Its really very nice place which he has chosen. But according to me its depends on him. I mean to say that its depends on his financial condition as well as he is able to stay there or not. Such factors effects to it.
There are so many epic university where We will get better education as well. So I think that It is depend on the person that He/she are eligible and preferable for the university according to their knowledge.
It is so good and informative! Thanks for your good sharing!
You can choose University according to your Interest, Without Interest you get the admission from University. But final result that lack of Interest fail. So choice of University is best way to bright our career.
I think it depends on you because you interested in which subject.If you got admission in own choice your result is better as compared you looking university.

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