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What kind of questions will they ask at university interviews?
I'm having a few university alumni interview me for various colleges.

Can anyone tell me what kind of questions they'll be asking me, so I can prepare my answer?

Thanks in advance!
I'm also seeking for a credible questions that could be ask for an interview. We need to be prepared and a little bit of resources we could have some idea to anticipate. Help needed....
Take care of this thing and be confident ,dressed elegantly, but thrive. Do not feel I have to go out and buy a costume, but smart trousers and shirt or blouse to give a much better impression of jeans and a t-shirt.Remember to be yourself. Unless you are actually using vile language and free with bodily functions. You may then want to change your behavior.
In university interviews the questions which asks are subjective.For example if you go in university interview for english subject then they will ask you more question about english.Sometimes they also ask questions about general knowledge also.
Have a mock interview. You can ask a teacher or a careers advisor to go through some questions with you. This will help you plan answers to questions that you might get asked, such as: Why did you choose this course? What did you enjoy most on the current course that you are studying? What subject did you enjoy least and why? Why did you choose this university?
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You might like to take a look at these -

Don't be put off by these questions though as they are designed to test the brightest Oxbridge grad and most universities ask much more straightforward questions.

Enthusiasm and passion and an indication that you have read a little bit around your subject are more important.

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