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AeroMechanical Engineering Interview At Strathclyde
Hello Studential!

This is my first post here and I would like to say that I have found the guides on this site very helpful.

However I have an one on one interview tomorrow at Strathclyde and I have my doubts about what the experience is going to be like. This is my first interview in my life. I have had two 'mock' interviews with my guidance teacher and my maths teacher which I found very helpful in settling my nerves, however the doubts are creeping back. What I'd like help with is:

What are the common questions asked?

What should I wear?

Will there be any subject based questions?

What should I prepare?

I get embarrassed easily so I'd like to do as much preparation as possible to make sure things run smoothly for me. Thanks in advance.

Robert Fisher
Hey I've got the interview tomorrow as well, and I'm also very nervous ! I saw on another thread though that the interview is very informal, and that they only give you more details on the course, as well as ask your interests and then why you want to do the course.

I've been told by previous people who have been interviewed that they got asked about current projects to do with aeroplanes, but not too sure on that. Don't think it was meant to be a huge preparation interview, or I hope not ! Maybe prepare to back up what you said in your personal statement, that's what I'm focussing on. Smile

Umm clothes wise, I'm going for casual / smart, but I'm not too good with that sort of thing, so my sister gave me some of her clothes to wear. Toungue try not to worry too much. Smile

I'll probably see you tomorrow ! I'll be the one who looks really nervous..
Good luck Smile

Oh wow, thanks for the reply!

I got whisked off to Glasgow earlier than I thought so I didn't get to read your post in time Sad

We all got offers Big Grin Which I think is damn awesome!

Who were you? XD

It was much more relaxed than I imagined, I actually had a good time. My interviewer was a pushover! It was like he knew nothing! But yeah I'm very proud of us all, Galloway said it was an elite department, I better brush up!
I haven't got my offer yet, but got a letter saying they will make one in a week Smile I was Roseanne, one of the few girls that was there.. went with my sister who everyone mistook for an applicant as well XD

My interviewer was quite nice as well, hope it all went okay !

I guess I might see you in September if I get in this course Smile
Ohhh, I was the guy sitting in the row behind you!

Yeah I can't believe we're all getting an offer, makes me actually want to revise.

It was great, I'm taking a gap year so I'll be coming next year if I make it in Sad

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