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Can anyone comment on my PS for MSc finance and economics
Can anyone help me with my personal statement?

Every single day, we are exposing to tons of economic information from various sources, including newspapers, television, radio, magazines and the internet. But this overload of data and information are only representing a small part of the monumentally large and complicated puzzle that makes up the economy. Economic information often appears difficult, convoluted and ambiguous to be understood by anyone without an advanced degree in Economics to understand it. But it is essential to understand at least the basic mechanism of a nation’s economy as a better informed citizen. Because no matter economy is facing a recession or a boom, it is eventually there at the heart of most of the decision we made in our daily life such as the disposable income we have to spend for basic necessity of life, life luxuries, and even the student loan I can afford to pay off after graduate.
By having an understanding of how the economy works can really help in making sound decisions and investment choices. So, with this in mind, the importance of economy in our lives has lead me to believe that having a master degree in finance and economics would be beneficial for both my future career and for decisions making. I am always fascinated by the world of economics around us and like to follow economic issues through the news and media. Studying the subject more in-depth insight will challenge me to comprehend how influential the economy of a country can be and how it can be recover from the tumultuous situation it faces today.
My passion of Economy and Finance has led me to choose Economics as my bachelor studies and Finance as my major. I have always enjoyed in areas that require problem solving, analytical and mathematical skills. I am anxious to combine the knowledge, aptitude, and skills with my interest in Finance. I feel that my studies in bachelor economics, prepare me well for a master degree-level course in economics and finance. The course has given me valuable knowledge in accounts, business, money banking and programming as well. I also take French subject as my elective and took DELF A1 with excellence results. For my thesis, I had chosen Purchasing Power Parity for Malaysia’s experience as my topic. I found that it is very interesting in study and analyze currency changing where there is an opportunity appears when arbitrage exists and one can gain profits from it.

During my undergraduate in university, I had actively participated in AIESEC which is an international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential. I was the organizing committee for several projects and events. By participating in those projects, I had learned to work in a team and coordinate one with difference people, difference point of view, with leadership potential and will to express them and I also realized that differences are not necessary obstacles in taking an efficient decision. I developed the skills that these activities required: a responsible comportment, well communication abilities, perseverance, resistance in physical work, psychological strength and self-control and the capability of integrating in a group.
Beside this, I am also a member of Golden Key International Honour Society which is an academic honour society which recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement and excellence among college and university students from all academic disciplines. Outside of the university, I also participated in Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi society for charity work and programme coexist with earth that remind society the importance to concern people around us and the mother earth.
I used to do part-time job as sales assistant when semester break and it had help me to develop my communication skills, capability to work under pressure and has taught me how disciplined the world of work; discipline that will be essential at university.
The postgraduate finance programme offer in this university is an ideal fit for my ambitions because of the overall academic excellence, emphasis on finance, specifically on corporate finance. I strongly believe that experience is crucial and is the only way to understand the theories behind the facts. I aim to build up my existing skills with a master degree in Finance into perspective by experiencing the rigorous of a work environment. I hope to get a demanding and rewarding position in this profession. The exposure to the financial services industry in UK will certainly provide me a great opportunity to apply my financial knowledge and skills.
Hey man! Great PS! Your english is good and there is a good structure...
What uni's did u apply to?
Thanks,i had applied around 9 university in UK and i got most of it.
(12/01/2010, 01:03 PM)zoechoong Wrote: Thanks,i had applied around 9 university in UK and i got most of it.

Great dude! Good luck
I'd remove a few lines here and there to make the PS easier to read, but apart from that - there's little you can do.

It's an excellent personal statement and will get you into most post-graduate courses easily in my opinion. Better to ask another graduate like yourself though.
You applied for 9 universities in UK. Nice. I applied 4 in India. after the MBA in Finance.
i've applied for just 3 in germany...

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