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How to adjust University culture
These topic is for the international student it is one of the new university culture can be both exciting and frustrating and it also provides many opportunities and many of the challenges then only it can adjust the university culture.
Culture shock in progress is in itself a learning experience, and you should take advantage. Intensity and the stages of culture shock is yksilön varying characteristics of the host country and program. Constant e-mail and telephone contact with friends and family in the United States may be reassuring, but continues to learn a new environment and make new friends.
# Nothing to do research to understand the culture you are going. New environment, optimization is very frustrating, if you know anything about the location. Knowledge of traditional foods available, and social habits that may be in play, and their ideas and strangers.
# Prepare yourself mentally for the change. This may sound obvious but many people visit or move to a different culture was and wonder how things are different. Occur than the other English-speaking culture, the United States, like Australia can be overwhelming. To keep your mind open.
# Spend some time in the community. The fastest and easiest way to adapt to a new culture is to immerse yourself in it. Practice their language skills and make new friends with strangers. Learn about the culture of the local population in order to bring you up to speed quickly

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