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best uni for english literature? please reply!!
ok I know this thread is a little stupid, but I'm not from the UK and although I have done my research I wanted other opinions as well. I was wondering which are the best unis for english literature (or english language and literature) if you are an average student (30 score in IBs)

thank you very much
In England Very good university for English literature..
Oxford and Cambridge are tops in that field. I also like University College, London - another very strong university, and a very strong program. So look at those three as your basis for what A levels to take, and that should serve you well even if you end up picking a different university.
There are lot of university for the English which are good . Such as Oxford and the Howard you can complete your education from this university . The teaching of the subject is sood . And the environment is totally for the education .
I want to help you, but i am so sorry.
York is officially recognised as the UK's best Department of English for research. The findings of a panel of top academics reading submissions by 87 departments for the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) have led to York being positioned at the head of the league table for research quality.
My favourite language is English. Here are many very good English at the university. They focus on English grammar. Such as Oxford University and Howard to complete your education at this university. It is first position rankings present.

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