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I thought this would be a simple thing to find, but I can't anything on what the page layout of a personal statement should be. I know it should include my full name, but should it also state "personal statement" across the top?

I don't think it's required for the Ucas form. Anything you type into the online apply system will be obvious to admissions tutors that it's yours, so there's no need to waste a line with your name or the title personal statement.

I have seen a few people put "Their Name" and then start their personal statement on the next line or the line below, but I wouldn't say it's necessary.
The personal statement does not need to include your name. Mines didnt. And the personal statement already comes on the ucas applications.

Format in what it should contain I would say is:
Why you want to do the subject
Extra activities and liesure

Good luck Smile

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