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what should i wear for my university interviews?
i have several university interviews next month,but i've no idea what to friends told me the most important is to look elegant,like wearing skirts ,silk stockings.should i wear like a business woman?thank you. Smile
The general advice seems to be to dress smart, but wear something you find comfortable.To be honest it shouldn't matter what you wear too much, as the interviewers will be more concerned with you and your subject than what you wear.
Don't overdress, or you'll only feel uncomfortable, and that will impact on how you come across. I'd advise smart-casual - black trousers, nice top and boots for girls, trousers and shirt for boys.

As said before, it's not really that important, but if you turn up in something really scruffy, like ripped jeans and a Slipknot t-shirt, then you certainly won't give the right impression, and you'll have to work that much harder to convince them that you'd care more about your studies than you do about your clothes.

Oh, and good luck Smile

I was interviewed by 5 of my 6 choices, and got offers from all except Oxford.
For my interview from medicine..I wore a suit. Didnt over do it but I decided on a black suit.

For my other interview which was before the medicine one I wore normal wear, which could be classed as formal wear. But I was the only one wearing that kinda clothes since everyone else was in suits. This made me feel a little strange, hence why I decided to buy myself a suit for the medicine one, which was the offer I wanted.

Well after that long story, my final words are go formal but dont over do it. Be yourself, something that your comportable in and also something that represents you well.

P.S I got offers from both my interviews.

All the best everyone Smile
As per my suggestion you can wear officially wear. In officially wear you can wear formal trousers and formal officially shirt with full shirt and tie.
I would recommend you to wear a professional dress. You can wear formal trousers and shirt. Avoid as possible as jeans. Don't keep your hair open make pony or bun. Apply very light makeup and nail paint should be of very light color. I am sure this tips will help you a lot.
If you are not comfortable or confident wearing a skirt suit, you can not interview well. You must be yourself and your clothes should reflect your self-image and help you plan your most confident self. Some women feel better about their appearance than in suits trouser skirt.
Be ware dress which is more concerned with you and your subject.
I would say wear something smart - it is important for you to impress
I think interview is mostly depends on your body language and your speaking ability. If you are going for university interview you should wear formal clothes. It means your clothes should look as students wear not professional employee.

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