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Pharmacy Interview
My friend has a interview for Pharmacy.

I was wandering if any of you kow what kind of question come up.
I had a Pharmacology interview at Bristol - so that's similar!

Errr they asked me "why Pharmacology, how did my work experience go (stated on my PS), and why do I think I like team work (again, stated on PS)" Smile

Other than that they asked me about my hobbies :o I was in the interview with 3 other medics in 1 interview... It was very informal really. Got the typical offer of BBB.

I wouldn't worry about interviews - 1) they don't actually ask you many, if any, hard questions (for my ones at least) and 2) if you panic too much you'll fail yourself, like I did at my Cambridge interview, the only proper interview I had, and got rejected for it. I know they liked me cus of the positive feedback - but I'd panicked too much at the interview so my head went blank.
Little late response. But thanks you for your advise Smile!

She got the offer and now at uni Smile
What is the Ph of blood?
why we use PG as a taxonomic marker ?
how FTIR calibration Doing?
how many systems r there in the body?
What is difference between method validation and Verification?
When preparing for pharmacy interview, it is important not to prepare an exact script of answers as you will sound rehearsed. Well I think that prepare yourself by familiarizing yourself with what you wrote on your personal statement essay. In addition, it is a good idea to have a general idea on what kind of questions are going to be asked.

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