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Is it too risky?
Hey everyone..
I'm looking at university courses in Law, but I don't want to do just English Law. I'm interested in a joint/combined degree of English Law, plus either: French Law, American Law, European Law or International Law. I have a great interest in international relations and different cultures so this kind of degree would be ideal. I have other reasons for this choice of course too but they aren't really relevant to this thread.

I'm aware that most degrees in English Law qualify the student for advancement into a legal profession in England and Wales, but I would also like a degree that awards a degree/diploma (mostly diplomas in the courses I've looked at) in the other jurisdiction studied.

It is highly likely that I will be applying for either the English Law and/with American Law, or English Law and/with French Law.. my decision being based significantly on the results of my AS/A-level French examinations.

The problem I have come across is that the university I really want to go to (if I were to study English Law and/with American Law) does not take applications for that course via UCAS; you have to apply after the first year of the LLB. Because of the reason stated above regarding joint/combined degrees, I do not want to graduate with just a LLB/BA in English Law. ((no offence is intended to those who have chosen the single honours degree; it is only for personal reasons that I would prefer two jurisdictions.. or a degree that could possibly lead to two jurisdictions.))

So my problem is that there is a risk in applying for this course.. and I am unsure of what to do next or what to take into consideration because of this... If anyone can give me any advice, or find yourself in a similar situation etc then please let me know...

Thanks everyone!

Hi, would just like to say that I find myself in exactly the same situation, however I am starting to open my mind to the possibility of other universities even though I totally had my heart set on one in particular for so long. If you are so determined to do that course in particular I would not take the chance, as it seems only a small proportion of the students actually succeed in applying at the end of the first year...there seem to be many good unis that offer the course you want with direct entry into that course via ucas application. You'd kick yourself at the end of the first year if you didn't get in, so I'd say open your mind to other places to study. No university is worth taking such a risk for, well unless its oxbridge in which case I'd say take that chance because thats just a once in a lifetime oppertunity.

Sorry my advise isn't that good but I thought I'd just share my thought process relating to the same problem.

Good luck with whatever you decide and hope you get that french grade you want.
Hi Katy, thanks for your reply..
I had a sit down with my mum last night and spread all the prospecutuses all over the place and had a good look through them all.. and only problem is that I can't find another uni, (apart from UCL which would render me in a similar situation) that offers the joint award of LLB/JD on successful completion of the degree programme.. So I've looked more into European Law and the European Parliament and similar organisations.. I've visited the EU buildings in Brussels and they look to be a great place to aim to work in - so I might follow an EU rather than US law route..

again, thanks for your reply =)

Milly x

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