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Interview advice
Quote:loftx - 23/2/2005 12:32 PM

I had a similar experiance and don't think I could realy have prepared for my interviews. One was an informal interview where the tutor seemed more concerned selling the uni to me than asking me anything (UCL) and the other was purely subject related questions (Oxford) and not much talk about why i choose the degree or uni. I guess the tutors are more interested in your knowedge of the subject and finding out about you than your actual reasons for coming.

Yes, I think you're spot on there. Well, I was told by the tutor who conducted the interview that I should expect to receive word via post in 2-3 weeks, but it's been 3 weeks since and I still haven't received any news Sad Do you think it's a good idea to call the uni?
Quote:Guest - 14/3/2005 3:46 AM
Well, I was told by the tutor who conducted the interview that I should expect to receive word via post in 2-3 weeks, but it's been 3 weeks since and I still haven't received any news Sad Do you think it's a good idea to call the uni?

Yeah I would get in touch with them soon I think - Give them another week or two just in case they're running late though
Quote:loftx - 14/3/2005 8:56 AM

Yeah I would get in touch with them soon I think - Give them another week or two just in case they're running late though

Am glad I listened to you and didn't call Wink Finally received word through the post today and I got in! :o Thank you for the moral support! Smile
hey hi,
am trying to get my personal statement arranged for uni and i want it to be good,so am still working on it.wonder if you got any forms of helping out as regards advice or anything at all.planning on going into healths sciences particularly biomedical science.
drop me a line pls here or @
thanks Wink
Here come my advise...(mostly about medicine I have to say..)

Firstly know your personal statement upside down...because they most likely ask you things from there...and get you to explain what you mean by the statement.

Have a clear answer why you chose the course you did.

Why their university?

Have a clear idea on the stucture of the course.

Read the newspaper Smile!! I was so glad I read the news the day of my interview. (read around the subject)

In other words prepare for your interview..

Most likely they will ask you about work experience you have done?

Teamwork? Leadership? Time management?

I have posted my questions on another forum..when I find it I'll post it here Smile

All the best

P.s johnny, a little late but sorry I dont really know much about healths sciences

Ok found the question that I was asked in my interview:
(Its copied and pasted from the other site which I wrote the day after my interview)

1) You've travelled a long way so how it you get here? Are you staying over?
Nothing to do with medicine, I think they were trying to make me relax.

2) What life experience did you have to make you want to be a doctor?

3) Other points that made you want to become a doctor?

Last two questions were in other words...Why medicine?

4) What I thought the role of a doctor is?

5) What makes a good team?

6) Why do you think you are a good team worker? I talked about my experiences!

7) What are the disadvanages of becoming a doctor?

8 ) You said one of the disadvanage is that you have patients that don't agree with you what would you do to calm them down and make them understand?

9) what if they don't still understand?

10) With all these disadvantages why do you still want to be a doctor?

11) If you were to draw a graph of the your knowleage until your 70 how would it look? And explain why?

12) You said that the knowlege will slowly decrease later but not stop but you said you like learning new things what will you do when you stop learning alot? :shock:  :shock:  :shock: KILLER!!

13) If you had a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is fully independant and 10 is total team worker where are you?

14) Explain your answer?

15) You talking about working in a team, do you like to be a team leader?  :?  :?  This one got me because I didn't know how to answer because sometimes leader good but sometimes no???

16) There has been some news on  Alzheimer, can you please talk about this?

17) So what do you think a new patient dignoised with Alzheimer will react to the withdrawal?  :?  Sad  :cry:  Sad  :?  I'M DEAD!!

18 ) You said that you started hospice work after being so affected by the terminally ill patient, so are you trying to made yourself stone hearted?  :cry:  :cry: GOT ME! I said in my work experience that I had a terminally ill patient.

19) You do alot of things how do you get everything done?

20) Have you got any questions? I had some question before but by the end all of it had vansied! :cry:

Ok that was my questions.
Hope it helps Smile
wow, those are quite thought provocative questions...
for question no. 18, i would attempt to answer this way:

If you say stone hearted as in immune to being stressed out by the patient's dire condition, then yes. I don't want to let stress overcome myself and affect my patient's treatment should i have a terminally ill patient in the future as i want to give my patients the best treatment possible.

If you say stone hearted as in being an unthoughtful human being, then no. I'm kind hearted and considerate in nature, so I will never see myself being unkind to my patients.

Well, just my two-cents..
for question no. 12, i would try to answer this way:

Yes, i like learning new things. But its in human nature that there will come a time where your brain cannot absorb as much knowledge as when you were young. Also, you'll lose some memory with the advent of old age, thats why i said knowledge will decrease. However, with old age, comes experience, and when my brain capacity cannot absorb more new things, i would very much like to share my experiences with younger people by writing a book.
Nice answers Smile!

I cant remember what I said in the interview but I think it was around about the same response like yourself.

But I got the place Smile Cant wait to start uni in October this year. So did you go for medicine then?
How was your journey?

Have you been here before?

What do you think of the city?

Why this university?

Medicine is a long course, why choose such a long course like this? (wasnt exactly phrased like this, in the other words why medicine, what interests you in this course, what will keep you going until the end?)

You did a drug awarness course, tell us about it. (From my ps)

You have lots of work experience, how did you gain so much? Did your school organise them?

What did you learn from your work experience? (Asked a little more about my work experience)

You are doing DoE, tell us about it?

What are your feeling of going to a camping trips with a group of strangers? (Part of the DoE award)

What do you do to relax?

You said you like reading book, what are you reading at the moment?

Are you suscriber of any mag?

Do you know what type dotor do you want to be? (what do you want to Specialise in?)

I think thats about it, maybe missed some.

Thats from my other medical interview. Smile

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