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written work for application

I'm an international student who would like to apply for Oxford for 2007. The course I want to apply for requires to submit written work in English, however I don't have such written work available.
Can anbyody help me how to write such a work specifically for that issue ? How does "typically" (if there is such a thing) written work for an application looks like and what should it contain ?

thanks for any help.
Normally you don't need to write work specifically for your applications - you can just use your best bits of school work, though if you're an international student and don't normally write in English that could be a problem.

The format of the work you submit will depend on the subject you're applying for, though I expect it's normally used for essay based subjects. See if you can find some more information about exactly what you need to submit on the website for that faculty.

For example I applied for Economics and Management, and submitted two bits of coursework - a handwritten 4 page essay answering some generic economic question and a slightly longer typed study about the application of some economic issue to the airline industry.

If you can't find out any more information it might be worth emailing the admissions tutor who will be able to provide you with more guidence.

Good luck, and let us know what subject you're applying for.
thanks for the help.

I got in touch with the admission officer, but the answers where very vague. The last reply I got was a bit more helpful concerning length.

checked the websites many times, but couldn't find much useful information.

The course I want to apply is PPP (Physiology, Psychology and Philosophy) with emphasis on Physiology and Philosophy. The Philsophy part is the part that needs written work for the application.

I'm thinking of converting a paper which I originally wrote as handout for an oral presentation. The problem is, I wrote this handout after I graduated from school, when I was studying at the University of Vienna (which I did for only half a year). Don't know if that could be a problem.

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