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Medicine/Biomedical science
Am applying for Medical School and Biomedical Science. My aim is definitely Medicine eventually, but due to grades may need to go via Biomed route. What emphasis should I put in my statement, as I don't want to spoil my chances for either course.

Many thanks for any help Smile
welll i thk if u believe in urs self then stick to medicine man... i am 22 now and i am working hard to get into medicine as well welll abt urs statement i thk the best way is to view the ppl personal statment
best of luck hope u doo well .....................Smile
are there any good websites for looking up examples of personal statements????????
I also working hard to get into medicine and law (plan b) and I am interested in helping people. Have you tried applying to St Georges, they accept people on access courses and those with low grades at a-level and GCSE, but the degree is a year longer than five years.

Im looking to do a biomedical science degree, but cant really find any example personal statements...any help?
hey guys welll i will say to every1 best of luck for medicine. i got 3B and 3 C in my gcses, will this will effect my chance gettg into medicine.although i got gud grades in Alevls 2As and 1B........
welll now i am thkg to do biomedical science ist instead wasting more years hoping to get into st.georges uni for biomed and then apply for medcine in fast track.........
can anyone tell me which is uni take with low GCSEs grades.............

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