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Persoanl Statement Success - READ THIS
Hey, I've got some more advise for writing your personal statement. I started thinking about my persoanl statement weeks ago, even before the 2006 A level results were out. Many hours I have spent starring at my computer screen willing for inspiration from somewhere and only managing to come up with 'UCAS Persoanl Statement' at the top of the page, (I will be leaving this bit out by the way, a title at the top helps in a way I think).
My advise is to keep a notebook beside your bed. I found that as soon as I went to bed at night my brain started to work overtime and thought of some really great things to say on my persoanl statement. I also wake up in the night with inspiration. Sounds strange I know but I asure you it's true. Come morning, it's all forgotten or a bit patchy. So, if you're like me and can think well when it's dark and quiet, invest in a bedside notebook and write down everything you think of as soon as it reaches your brain. It's really worked for me.
I also suggest to carry a notebook when you go out. I find inspiration often comes on public transport as what else can you do but think!? As a budding novelist I carry a notebook anyway.

I hope this helps and if anybody tries this let me know, whether it's a success or not.
Good Luck
Good ideas.Peaceful nights always broaden your mind.
good advice, so long as you can be bothered to move from your nice warm comfy bed to pick u a pen and write down your ideas. but it is true that we are most creative just before we fall asleep - or so my flute teacher told me anyway, im sure she's not an expert :S
It does work! If you're looking for a more modern method see if there's a notes facility on your mobile phone. I use mine quite a lot for jotting down the odd bit of inspiration.
I find that if i've been rigging my brain for answers all day, it tends to just switch off.
Therefore i always keep my mobile handy, just incase i have a sudden burst of creativity & think up something genius.
OMG...totally worked! My first sentence just came to me at 2am when I was drifting off to sleep. Never been so proud of a single sentence that I wrote in my entire just the other four paragraphs to go!
Am gna check it owt n wil let u know.
Yeah, your brain goes crazy at nite. you get great ideas but usually when you look at them in the morning they mean sh^t!

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