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Accounting and management
(23/02/2010, 02:15 AM)arjelynmirador18 Wrote:
(29/11/2006, 04:25 PM)Guest Wrote: You should be looking for Management and Accounting. Therefore Management is the primary subject.

If you search via UCAS sometimes they do not give all the information, so all I do is copy the course number, name and university name into google. This normally returns more information, such as what modules will be taken. Smile Find the one with less finance in.

I am also applying for a Management position but I'm REALY bad at Maths now as i have gone 2 years since GCSE not doing it. Thank god for calculators and google for equations.

Big GrinThats great, congratulations to the calculators and google!jeje just kidding,just want to congratulate you for the great job. Yeah,I will share a short story,Smile i already encountered a person that taking up management before and like you,she was bad at maths.Actually she was a math hater before,but as time goes by she became a good learner in math.And now i can call her as a math lover.Big Grin
Yeah, maths isn't a subject to hate. It is something that you can live. Just enjoy learning it and you will not know when you start living it. Maths is the most interesting subject but the only thing is that you should understand it first and then it would be fun. You just need to have patience and keep practicing it until you start living it.

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