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Help needed structuring my statement - Matt - 28/08/2006

Ok, so i'm trying to write a decent personal statement to apply for a mixture of maths with computer science and maths with economics courses. i've got a load of paragraphs i've written, but i've got no idea on the best way to organise it.

Most of the example statements on here seem to start with saying how the subject relates to real life or how important it is to them, but i can't really think of anything original that has the same impact.

The other problem i've got is that although my AS and gcse grades have been very good, i've had limited work experience or extra curricular achivements in this area.

My wording is pretty bad as sounds like it's been written by a 10 year old ("i like maths because it is interesting and fun") and full of cliches ("i think doing this degree will open up a wide range of career options"). I've managed to babble on about the same things and go way over the characted limit.

If someone could give me some advice, either general or specific to the courses i'm applying for, it would be greatly appreciated.

RE: Help needed structuring my statement - Manna - 29/08/2006

Why is maths interesting? Why is it fun? ("Fun" as such may not be a good word to use, as you recognise too.) - For instance, you could talk about the implications of maths for the advancement of science, if you're at all leaning in that direction in the future. Or if you're more theoretically oriented, you could talk about why you're so fascinated by maths.

What kinds of career options are you interested in?

You do have to spell out some things for them, not because they don't know what kinds of careers are open to maths graduates but because they want to see what you think. Avoid generalities and explain why you say what you do.

RE: Help needed structuring my statement - Matt - 29/08/2006

Thanks v much for the help, some good ideas of things to mention.

RE: Help needed structuring my statement - gyt35 - 30/08/2006

1. Why course?Why you?
2.Academic abilities.
3.Something needed to improve.
4.A future plan.

RE: Help needed structuring my statement - Guest - 31/08/2006

I don't know how to begin my personal introduction!

RE: Help needed structuring my statement - gyt35 - 31/08/2006

just say like this"I choose this course because"

RE: Help needed structuring my statement - Guest - 02/09/2006

Dont agree with that comment gyt35. Shouldn't your first sentence make a bit of an imapact so people will read on? I cant think of anything much worse than 'I want to study maths because...'
We got given a bit of advice at 6th form: dont start with 'I' and use your course name within the first 5 or so words and state what it means to you. That way you're showing a personal link with the subject.

RE: Help needed structuring my statement - gyt35 - 03/09/2006

To post 7
Most of people will write as you said.
However, I think, Just go to the point directly.The reason of choosing the course just show how you love and understand this course.
The admission teachers want to know their needs by the easy way.They don' like to search the reason why you choose the course again and again.
That's what I think.


RE: Help needed structuring my statement - ijakings - 03/09/2006

I would also say it's best not to start with "I want to study ***Filtered*** because", but you want something which gets this point across as well as possible.

I started my statement with:
Quote:Examination of any quality newspaper will probably demonstrate that more of the headlines address economic problems than any other topic. The importance and relevance of economic related disciplines to the modern world have led me to want to pursue the study of the subject at a higher level.

Though looking at it now, the first line was probably unnecessary.

RE: Help needed structuring my statement - Guest - 05/09/2006

i want to study law but i dont know how to start my personal statement. does anyone have any suggestions? or any good opening paragraphs? please help ***Filtered***