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Which is best..!! - antonibede - 01/12/2009

Hi i am Cookwhitely and i have completed my
graduation in Computer Engineering. Now, i am thinking for MBA.
Is this better for me or M.S.

RE: Which is best..!! - rosesteven23 - 28/07/2010

I would suggest you MBA. Because in today's world there is more demand of MBA.
Moreover you done graduation in Computer Engineering.
You can do MBA in many fields like:
Finance and Accounting
Information Technology
Human Resource

RE: Which is best..!! - Watson - 29/07/2010

This is the most important factor when comparing these two programs. Both degrees will serve you well, and whether one is better than the other depends solely on your career goals and how you plan to utilize your degree. MBA programs are constantly evolving, and they now tend to put more stress upon specializations and concentrations. As well as MS programs are not subject to rankings like MBA programs are. By keeping these facts in mind, MBA is the best.

RE: Which is best..!! - robinmarkk - 09/08/2010

You are a computer engineer. So from my opinion Master of Science is best for you than MBA. If you are interested in management field than you choose MBA. Otherwise MS is a best choice for you. Best of luck !!