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Can someone please tell me what they think of my personal statement and how to improve it


For a long time I have been fascinated by the different aspects of engineering. Although I would like to study engineering in greater depth, the most stimulating areas to me are the automotive and motor sport industry, as I am very passionate and enthusiastic about it. This led me to make the decision of wanting to study automotive engineering at university. I had the opportunity of studying A-level Chemistry which gave me an understanding of logic and chemical reactions of how things work. I am also studying A-level Information Communication Technology which has gave me a firm understanding of using computers and learning many computer languages. A lot of problem-solving and patience is needed for this course and I believe that I have gained the ability to work in tense and complicated situations.

I believe that I am well suited to an engineering course, as from a young age I was astonished on how a group of people working together could create an engineering masterpiece in building a car. This inspired and led me to learn and understand how a car actually works. Soon I knew what I was devoting my life to.

I have used Computer Aided Design (CAD), designing a portable infra-red alarm. This gave me the ability of using Pro Desktop which is a leading CAD program and in my personal time I started to design cars and car parts. I have also used Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) and in my electronics project for GCSE, I created a logic system which was used on a robotically controlled car to control it to go forwards and backwards.

After deciding to want to study automotive engineering, I set out to find the qualities necessary for success. In the process, I read about Keith Duckworth who designed the Cosworth DFV, the most successful Grand Prix engine ever, also Rory Byrne who has one of the best understandings of aerodynamics of a Formula one car.

I believe that these people were successful because they have personal attributes which were different from other engineers and designers. They have great leadership, communication and co-operative skills. I think this is something that I have naturally developed and experienced while I was working in sports world, a large sports retailing store. We worked as teams and together we had certain roles to accomplish one main task. Eventually our store became the third highest selling sports retailer in the UK. I believe this is due to the efficiency and communication between the employees. I think that creativity and having the right attitude is crucial in becoming a successful engineer and I believe that if I have the opportunity I can bring something special to the automotive industry.

Growing up, I was taught the value of having financial and business skills. To improve these skills, I studied AS level Economics which was very educational and a great benefit. In addition I joined the Islamic society and make regular donations Islamic relief as I believe in helping people who are less fortunate then I am. I have a real passion for helping others and working as a team to obtain any goal. This experience was very valuable to me.

Outside of college, I am a very enthusiastic sportsperson. My main sporting interests are formula one, football, cricket and boxing. Presently, I regularly play football as I am part of a team and have won a school trophy for the 5-a-side tournament winners.

It is my hope that a degree from your university would serve as a solid base for a successful career in the automotive industry, where hopefully, I would be involved in the development of new technology for cleaner and more efficient transportation systems.