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Mature Students
Hey, I need some help.
I'm classed as a mature student even though I'm only 23!!! I'm on an Access to HE course at the moment instead of doing A levels because my GCSE's were naff.
I'm applying to study Humanities or Cultural Studies or maybe Anthropology but I don't know were to begin or what angle to come from. Do I explain why I'm doing an Access, why I'm applying for uni at 23 etc etc.
Someone please help me, it's driving me insane!!!!
I have the same question being an overseasmature students of the same age.That will be my second bachelor from UCAS application.
I am middle aged considering returning to university 25 years after my first degree. I am struggling because the style of language used in the personal statements is totally alien to that used in my 5 years of employmnet or indeed to get a job. EG I have always been advised to begin sentences with I despite sounding a bit arrogant. Although the essays are beautifully crafted and I'd be proud if my children did them, they just aren't me. I have so much personal information and values to cram in that I am unsure whether to spend a paragraph which seems designed to impress the university about my creative writing. Hope this doesn't sound like a put down but I am wanting to sell my life skills and motives for the career change and nothing fits here. Any other oldies fel the same?
oops sorry typo above. It' 25 years experience including recruitment and selectioon and careers advice.

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