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Pleassseeee Help!! Study Proposal...
Hello everybody!

I’m a French student and I would like to apply for a Master in Fashion Marketing. They ask me to do a ‘Study Proposal’ but I just don’t understand what it is really… Is it an overview of the Master’s thesis I will do?
They tell me to enumerate first ‘the rationale’, then the aims and objectives, and finally to outline the proposed methodology (using academic citations and references)… I’m completely lost! Is someone here to shed some light on this??? Sad

Thanks a lot in advance!!
HIiii!!! Did u find any info about the study proposal??? Im in the same situation!!!! So lost!!! x
The study proposal is your opportunity to:

1. Demonstrate to a supervisor and/or external examiner that you have engaged
seriously with a topic/area of interest.
2. Consolidate your own current knowledge on a particular topic
3.Describe what your plans are to expand this area of interest/knowledge.
4.Outline systematically the procedure involved in pursuing your study.
5..Attempt to assess the feasibility of conducting whatever study you have in mind.

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