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ok i'm on a gap year, i did it for a break from studing, however i feel i can't put this on my the mo i'm heading down the life experience root and's not going well

i've been to Ghana already, and i think it's a good thing to metion, wondering if anyone has idea's about no cleshe phrases


it changed my life
it was so different
it was a real contrast
i found myself

can't find any example statements that include a gap year :S

any help would be great!!!!
You've got to think about how the gap year and what you've done will help your application. make it relevant, even if the point you make is kind of obscure it will at least show that you have initiative and you haven't sat on your ones at home watching tv.
Or you could try to rephrase a cliche, like instead of 'it changed my life' you could have 'the experience of another culture in... (whatever you did) environment changed the way I percieve things now' or some other such thing. Make it sound exciting and like no one else would have done it even if they have...

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