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General Ucas guide
Russel from Studyzones has written a good introduction to the Ucas process on his website at containing the following sections:

1. The Background to Higher Education in the UK
2. Choosing Degree Subjects
3. Choosing Courses
4. Choosing Universities
5. University Departments and their Offers
6. Making your Application
7. UCAS Personal Statements
8. Trends in Applications and Admissions
9. University League Tables
10. The Prospects for Graduates
11. The Gap Year
12. Student Finance at University
13. University Interviews
14. Applying to Oxford and Cambridge
15. Applying to American Universities
16. Looking into the Future
17. Useful Sources of Information

It's quite long but should give you a general overview of applying through Ucas. Check it out and post your thoughts here.

I attempted to browse this website but when i did, it said it was no longer available/page could not be found etc.

I dont suppose you know of any other sites which include similar information?

This would be extremely helpful to me.


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