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Gap Year PS
Hey Everybody

My case is this: Iv taken a gap yr as I was unsuccessful getting a place last year. So Im applying for the 2007 entry. I wanted to ask how should I write personal statement. Should it be in terms of college last yr or more about what I have done in my gap yr ?

Iv structered my personal statment so far like this :

Introduction why this course ect

Gap year (why and what i did ect)

College (Participation in college life ect)

Extra Curriculum activities (vol work and interests ect)

Conclusion why suitable for uni

The course Iv chosen to apply for this time round is Economics and Geography or Finance.

Any help much appreciated
Sounds like an ok structure - though the issue isn't whether you talk about college or your gap year - the important thing is talking about your interest and experience related to your subject.

You should look to spend around 50% of your personal statement talking about the course, why you want to do it and why you're a good candidate for it. stuff like gap years and extra extracurriculars isn't as important.

Hope that helps - Out of interest what did you apply for last year and and at which universities?

Well Last Yr I applied for medicine yeh i know totally different . Universities I applied to was Bristol,Newcastle,Exeter,Leeds.

Oh right so I dont need to concentrate on Gap Yr because Iv been waiting for my job applications to go thru. What shall I say about gap yr job wise then ? Btw will you be able to check my personal statement ?

This yr im applying to Manchester,Loughborough,Sheffield, Birmingham.(and still deciding)

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