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personal statement
i dont know whether to apply for biology, chemistry or psychology, and might even apply for 2 of each. But i need to write my personal statement by this week.
how do i write a personal statemnet when i dont know what im studying?
im no expert at this, but maybe you could write down the pros and cons for each subject into a list, and decide which will give you the best future and opportunities of getting into university.Allow yourself a whole weekend or something just devoted to your Personal Statement, (I did this), and work really hard on getting it done. If you rush it, then it shows. Show it to the careers people at college and they'll give you proffesional advice. I think you have to do about 5 to 6 draft until you get it perfect....hope this was useful, love from Anjlee x x x
or perhaps u could read some books on those subjects and the one u don't fall asleep. go for that one
You could apply for Natural Sciences:
It's a vague title but it means you select any 6 science modules each year provided they're timetable compatible. That way you could do 2 modules bio, 2 chem and 2 psychology. The down side is you can never pick more than 4 modules of the 6 in one area so if you want to do 5 chem 1 biology you can't also if you make your mind up in the first year you hate chem & want to do bio only in the second year, again you can.t. What you could do in this instance though is request to change course at the end of the 1st year, which if you're persuasive most unis would allow.
Alternatively go for a mixed degree like Biochemisty or Molecular Biology (more chemistry based biology). I've also heard of forensic psycology you might find interesting.
In the first year of most degrees they allow you 2 random science choices anyway so a person applying to do physics might do 2 modules of archaeology in their first year.

Either way try to talk about your love of science, & interest in how it all relates eg how the chemistry of molecules influences biology which could be relevant to the greater depth you'd go into in a bio or chem degree.

Good luck!

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