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Help! - Explaining Maternity Gap Year? - kmcleod - 22/10/2010

I'm trying to write my personal statement just now and a couple of the sites I've seen have said to explain any gap years to avoid uni's thinking the worst.

I finished my HNC, took a year out, then came back to my HND, now I'm applying to uni for the degree year.

I took my year out though because I was pregnant with our second child. I wanted to have my kids now so when I'm working I can concentrate on my career and not need time off. Plus the part time hours while I study are ideal to be with my girls while they're little.

But how do I explain a maternity gap year in my statement? I don't want them thinking it's something I'll do again, or that it was a silly mistake. Can I avoid it completely? It will look odd that my 2yr course is taking me 3yrs.