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Italian student application (Oxford) - benny - 10/07/2007

Hiya, I hope someone around here can help me...

I've just finished school and I'd like to go to Oxford, but my application was unsuccessful Sad.
Italian school is pretty different from the English one so I might need a bit of help in re-applying next year.
Can anyone tell me precisely what an A grade is?
And, about the bloody UCAS form: is it this very important for admissions? It's incredibly difficult for a student who lives abroad to understand what exaclty is requested in every single part of the form.

Plz, answer here or feel free to contact me, if you can help, by pm.
Tnx a lot in advance Smile.


RE: Italian student application (Oxford) - christian louboutin - 07/10/2010

It is so good and informative! Thanks for your sharing!